Monday, September 26, 2011

Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer in Women Causes Early

In the precancerous phase, often no symptoms or signs that spesial.Namun, sometimes symptoms can be found as follows:
  1. Whitish or watery discharge from the vagina. 
  2. Bleeding after intercourse which then continues into the abnormal bleeding. 
  3. Incidence of bleeding after the menopause. 
  4. In the invasive phase can discharge yellowish, odorless and can be mixed with blood.  
  5. The onset of symptoms of chronic anemia if bleeding occurs. 
  6. Incidence of pelvic pain (pelvis) or lower abdominal pain when there is inflammation located in the area panggul. If waist down, the possibility of hidronefrosis. Moreover, can also occur in places other pain. 
  7. In later stages, the body becomes emaciated due to malnutrition, edema legs, bladder irritation and colon shaft bottom (recktum), the formation fitsel vesikovagina or rectovaginal, or symptoms arise due to distant metastases. 
Like a cancer, these cancers may also have spread (metastasized). Cause cervical cancer there are three kinds:
  • Through the lymph vessels (lifogen) to the lymph nodes. 
  • Through the blood vessels (haematogenous) 
  • The immediate cause parametrial, uterine corpus, vagina, bladder and rectum. 
  • Cause a lot through the blood vessels and lymph vessels, especially to the lungs, mediastinal lymph nodes and supraklavikuler, bone and liver. The cause to the lungs causing symptoms of coughing, coughing up blood, and sometimes accompanied by pain dada.Kadang supraclavicular lymph node enlargement, especially the left.

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