Friday, September 30, 2011

Dating Exclusively for Former Patients of Cervical Cancer in the United States - California

California, USA, For some people, the side effects of therapy of cervical cancer (cervical cancer) can affect sexual life. Because not a few who experienced it when I was single, there is now a dating service exclusively for women who can not have sex due to cancer. 

Matchmaking service was pioneered by Laura Brashier, female 50 years old from California, the United States and former patients with cervical cancer. Just like many other former patients, he experienced side effects that made him unable to have sex. 

Brashier was first diagnosed with cervical cancer or cervical stage 4 at age 37 years and must undergo a series of operations, radiation and chemotherapy. Because the treatment is aggressive, he had side effects on vaginal tissue damage.

The damage is not only making decreased libido or sexual arousal, but also makes the genitals experiencing tremendous pain during penetration in sex. These conditions forced the Brashier to not have sex for the rest of his life.

For Brashier who is now elderly may not be a problem, but these conditions must be very difficult for young women who are single.He thought, women can not have sex will be difficult to find a mate.

Concern was eventually moved to launch 2date4love.com Brashier, a dating site specifically for women survivors of cervical cancer. It is hoped the women were so much easier to find men who dream not only think about sex.

Interest of women survivors and the men who sincerely want to find true love seems very high. Since its launch on August 1, 2011, this site has netted a membership of more than 1,500 people from around the world.

"I do not want to be alone, so I set up this site. I just want to help people with my same boat, as much as I can," said Brashier NYDailynews was quoted as saying on Thursday (08/18/2011).

Not only capturing the women survivors of cervical cancer, the site is also open to people who can not have sex because of other reasons. For example the men who are impotent because of accident, diabetes and other chronic disease complications.

source : detikhealth.com

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