Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is There a Relation Between Life Expectancy Age of Patients with Cervical Cancer?

Many studies have found that the incidence (incidence) of cervical cancer at a young age will increase, and looks more aggressive tumors. In a retrospective analysis conducted on 2628 patients, found that the incidence and degree of malignancy was higher in younger age groups. 

Over the past two decades, incidence and mortality in the United Kingdom and the United States due to invasive cervical cancer in young women increased, while these numbers decrease in the overall population. However, there is an increased mortality in the youngest and oldest age groups.

In multivariate analysis conducted on the aggressiveness of the disease and survival by age showed that 57 patients under the age of 35 years, stage IB and have eksofitik and undifferentiated tumors, found in younger patients. However, other prognostic factors such as the presence or absence of metastasis to the lymph nodes, parametrial and tumor size did not differ in each age group.

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